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  • I highly recommend Paul Neil Abramowitz’s book SeXed: Hardwired By Nature-Evolving By Choice! A big book can rarely command 800 pages+ of focus from its reader, delivering!
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    Marja West
  • For the first time the topic of sex doesn’t feel judgemental …this is the first book I’m reading a chapter and then I go back with my highlighter … I definitely feel I need to take as much of this book in as I can.
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    Franklin Esau
  • A profound and liberating exploration of masculine sexuality. It clearly takes someone with courageous and penetrating vision to peer through the veil. I am sure that the men (and the women in their lives) who read this book – a profound and compassionate guide and companion, challenging primer and practical workbook for sexual exploration – will share my deepest gratitude that it has been written.
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    Justin S
  • If you are unable to find a guide for the exploration of the heterosexual man, this book opens a gate to name and grasp, to explore and pace—to experience and map, to understand and start conversations about a most intimately unknown world that actually has always been in and around you.
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    Dr Georg Fodor
  • In my opinion, Paul’s book should be prescribed reading not only for boys/men of whatsoever age … but also for women who attempt to love these boys/men of whatsoever age and to this end support the man in their life who is seeking greater self-knowledge.
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  • An indepth masterpiece… As a daughter, wife and mother this gift allows me a richer understanding and compassion in my relationships with the men in my life.
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    Jodi Bermeister
  • As you strap yourself in on your personal journey of extraordinary sex, be prepared to take off into the unknown, peeling off layers you never knew existed… Dr Abramowitz’s brilliance lies in his ability to allow you to go on a deep dive and explore the invisible, gently. Sexed will make the seemingly impossible possible.
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    Morgan Behr
  • SEXED is a rare and remarkable, clear and comprehensive; compassion-based, insightful body of work, offering an understanding of the richly layered experience of what it is to be male and to experience male sexuality.
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    Dr Andrea Phillips
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