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SEXED Testimonial

5.0 out of 5 stars Yeah! Stand Up & Shout! SeXed: Hardwired By Nature-Evolving By Choice

I highly recommend Paul Neil Abramowitz’s book SeXed: Hardwired By Nature-Evolving By Choice! A big book can rarely command 800 pages+ of focus from its reader, delivering!

This book does exactly that, and HOW!! In this current climate in Western pop culture of man-hating-man-blaming, blanket overlays of cultural Marxism expressed as toxic masculinity narratives that do nothing but concretise the Divide & Conquer mind controls where men are perpetrators of the most egregious of human atrocities—and women and children are victims in perpetuity—this book is a necessary discourse in dispelling and eliminating such stereotypes that labels men and women in disparaging ways, and infantilises humanity.

This book should be required reading in all university-level courses in human sexuality, biology, human behaviour+psychology, human relating, and, dare I say it—Gender Studies.

I would love to see the contents of this book offered as an online course geared toward dissolving the divide between men and women—the feminine and masculine within and without.

This book flows like a compelling page-turner of a story and is easy to digest and understand despite its topics regarding biochemical-hormonal cascades. In the real spirit of scientific and biological investigation, child development, human behaviour, AND human sexuality—this book is well-ordered and organised brilliantly.

Some reviewers blatantly dismiss the book. These folks out themselves for making the willfully ignorant move of rendering an opinion without reading the material in its entirety, if at all, simply judging a book by its cover or intimidating length or, more likely, being emotionally triggered statistically.

Oy, the dumbing down of humanity is so easily thwarted by making the time to read and learn rather than being quick to smear, slander, or dismiss years of someone’s precious work because you haven’t completed your shadow work and healed your mommy and daddy issues.

Paul Abramowitz is an embodiment of the kind of Man boys need as a positive role model—deep thinker, heart-based, having suffered rightly in and out of relationships—sexual and everything beyond and in between, consciously integrating curiosity and synchronising left-right brain balance, rather than succumbing to one’s proverbial biology+hormones as destiny, and unlike a zombie falling in line for the willful manipulation of his sexuality—he stopped, listened, tuned in, engaged critical thinking, researched, contemplated, and made the decision to choose a different way, and share with the world his findings and conclusions.

Boys need to aspire to this kind of mentoring of the True Man-True Masculine. Men and women need Paul’s guidance in this book and his mentoring to help stop the meltdown of relationships. Women and Men going their own way is a knee-jerk reaction to the heartbreaking exhaustion and loneliness, the blatant distortions and misunderstanding, the hatred and incredible longing to be held, seen, appreciated, and received by women—who also long for the same and that True Man.

This book lays out a step-by-step timeline and map of the clash between nature’s ways and the way of human consciousness by choice.

Deepest bow, Dr. Abramowitz! I’ve already shared your book with my clients and students!

Marja West

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