Dr Andrea Phillips

SEXED Testimonial

SEXED is a rare and remarkable, clear and comprehensive; compassion-based, insightful body of work, offering an understanding of the richly layered experience of what it is to be male and to experience male sexuality.

Dr Paul Abramowitz invites the reader into an exploration of that which exists beyond a ‘predetermined’ and ‘automated programming’ of men in society and their expression of manhood. Discovering the potential that does exist in the conscious choice made to understand and harness the biological drive; and to channel this into transformative thought processes that will offer humanity a new narrative based on a deepened understanding and awareness of the sexual drive, is explicitly dealt with. An exciting invitation or entrance point to recalibrating the constructs of the ‘heterosexual relationship’ is made possible by enhancing the understanding of toxic masculinity in our time!

SEXED, I believe, has a definite place alongside Simone de Beauvoir’s ‘The Second Sex’, in that it offers the masculine what de Beauvoir offered the feminine in understanding the sexual roles learnt  within a patriarchal society and the deeply wounding ramifications thereof. There can be no better moment in the history of South Africa for this book to be launched – femocide being at its all-time high.

May the women who seek to understand more about the masculine form, find as much knowledge and healing from their ‘male-afflicted’ wounding as has been offered to me through the reading of SEXED.

May the therapists, privileged to journey into the inner emotional landscape of men, both in individual sessions and in couples’ sessions, embrace the fresh concepts and embody the knowledge offered in the book, and in so doing, may they be met with the palpable shift in momentum in the work, as has been my experience.

May we learn to partner our men and to grow our sons with more insight than ever before?

With gratitude to Dr Abramowitz for this profound offering.


Dr Andrea Phillips 

Feminist analyst and Comprehensive Energy Psych

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