Waking up from a 50-year relationship with his active libido, British author, Kingsley Amis, exclaimed, it’s “like being chained to a madman” !

Men have been thinking about that since the days of Socrates and that’s because biology dictates not only our sexual reality, but our entire reality–sexually.

SEXED offers a new vision for men and sex, intimacy, biology, connection and selfhood. Its a book for men and a book for women who love them – and a book for therapists and coaches who integrate sex and intimacy into their transformative work.

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Hello and welcome to the SEXED website!

Why SEXED? Because sex bleeds into who we become as men.

Not unlike most of us who have noticed the hardwiring in ourselves and looked around for answers to explain it, I have looked for coherent messages and books to confirm my own experience of that feeling of “hardwired for sex”.

SeXed - Harwire by nature Evolving by choice -Book Cover

About the Author

Paul Neil Abramowitz

Having followed a rather circuitous route into his formal training in Human Sexuality by studies in both Eastern (Totality Therapy) and Western traditions (Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality), Paul is a long-time student of yoga and meditation, a painter, sculptor, and singer-songwriter who has dedicated most of his adult life to exploring creative avenues of expression and practice that lead to a fuller understanding of the lived human experience.

SEXED offers heterosexual men the opportunity to loosen themselves from the chained up nature of sex at any age. Even if men before you have not managed to do so - you can begin to discover a new level of self mastery with sex included.

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